DriverDriver FromNavigatorNavigator FromMake/ModelClass
Bryan CarrigCo. LimerickMike O'FlahertyCo. LimerickMitsubishi Evo 920
Padraig EganCo. ClareBrian HassettCo. ClareSubaru Impreza N820
Tommy CahillCo. GalwayEnda O'LearyGalwayMitsubishi Evo20
Maurice MeskellCo. LimerickStephen MeskellCo. LimerickFord Escort18
PJ O'DowdCo. KerryJohn YoungCo. KerryTalbot Sunbeam18
David GriffinCo. KerryMarie GriffinCo. KerryToyota Corolla GT17
Aaron HealyCo. KerryConor MurphyCo. KerryHonda Civic16
Daniel ChungCo. KerryDylan DoonanCo. CorkHonda Civic EK416
Grainne CaplisCo. TipperaryTommy CuddihyCo. KilkennyOpel Corsa16
Katie QuinnCo. KerryErik HonanCo. ClareHonda Civic16
Padraig CroninCo. KerryStephen HeelinCo. CorkHonda Civic16
Anthony BreenCo. ClareJill WhiteCo. CorkSubaru Impreza15
JF ShovelinCo. DonegalEmmet BrosnanCo. DonegalSubaru Impreza WRC15
Diarmuid KeohaneCo. CorkPeter KeohaneCo. CorkTBA TBA14
ED O'CallaghanCo. LimerickKeith McCarthyCo. KerryFord Escort Mk214
Ed SynanCo. LimerickDenis O'ConnellCo. KerryFord Escort Mk214
Eoin DuffinCo. KerryBrenda DuffinCo. KerryFord Escort Mk214
Frank RaffertyGalwayDenny GreaneyCo. KerryFord Sierra Cosworth RS14
Mike QuinnCo. KerryTony HealyCo. KerryFord Escort14
Stuart DarcyCo. DonegalPaddy McCruddenCo. DonegalDarrian T9014
Barry PatCo. KerryTydings KevinFord Escort13
Frank SweeneyCo. LimerickJane CoganCo. ClarePeugeot 205 RWD13
Ger O'BrienCo. KerryJohn ListonCo. KerryFord Escort Mk213
Ken LyonsCo. LimerickPaddy McDonnellCo. LimerickFord Escort Mk213
Paudie CaseyCo. KerryKennelly TimmyCo. KerryToyota Corolla RWD13
Sean MoranCo. LimerickJonathan KeaneCo. LimerickFord Escort13
Stephen BawnCo. LimerickLara HegartyFord Escort13
Tim EnrightCo. KerryDarina JoyceCo. GalwayFord Escort13
Tom RelihanCo. KerryMaurice McElligottCo. KerryFord Escort Mk113
Maurice BrowneCo. KerryJames BrowneCo. KerryFord Escort Mk212
Michael McDaidNorthern IrelandJordan MurphyCo. DonegalFord Escort12
Mike KennyCo. KerryGene StackCo. KerryFord Escort Mk212
Mike WalshCo. LimerickCathal NolanCo. ClareFord Escort Mk212
Sean EnrightCo. KerryConor WalshFord Escort Mk212
Anthony HandCo. MonaghanPeter DeeryCo. MonaghanFord Escort11R
David MurphyCo. LimerickJohn DoodyCo. CorkToyota Corolla Twincam11R
Eddie KennellyCo. KerryTimmy MurphyCo. KerryFord Escort11R
James KissaneCo. KerryTim KissaneCo. KerryFord Escort Mk211R
Jason CostelloCo. KerryMegan CostelloCo. KerryFord Escort11R
Kenneth RyanCo. LimerickGarry CarrollCo. LimerickFord Escort11R
Kevin O'SullivanCo. KerrySean NolanCo. KerryFord Escort11R
Mike DineenCo. CorkDarren CreminCo. CorkToyota Corolla Twincam11R
Mike NeliganCo. KerryColin NeliganCo. KerryToyota Corolla11R
Ciaran PhelanCo. LeitrimAine PhelanCo. LeitrimHonda Civic11F
Conor MullenCo. ClareStephen MoloneyCo. ClarePeugeot 106 GTi11F
Darren YoungCo. KerrySean WalshCo. KerryHonda Civic11F
Declan O'ReganCo. ClareLarry O'HalloranCo. ClareHonda Civic Vtec11F
Derek ButlerCo. CorkAaron O'ReganCo. CorkHonda Civic11F
Fergal KeaneCo. ClareMairead DuaneCo. CorkHonda Civic11F
Kevin CaseyCo. CorkPaul SextonCo. CorkPeugeot 20611F
Mike DolanCo. GalwayAnn HutchinsonCo. LaoisHonda Civic11F
Patrick SlatteryCo. KerryChris CampbellCo. KerryHonda Civic11F
Steven O'ConnorCo. KerryAdrian O'ConnorHonda Civic11F
Aarron WattersCo. WexfordPaddy CarrollCo. WexfordOpel Corsa GSi10
Shane GriffinCo. LimerickIan MadiganCo. LimerickPeugeot 205 GTi10
Anthony KeatingCo. CorkKevin EnrightCo. CorkFord Escort G4 9
David DeeCo. LimerickRita DeeCo. LimerickAustin Mini Cooper 9
Derry CollinsCo. CorkDeclan CaseyVauxhall Nova 9
Keith NaughtonCo. ClareLisa StackPeugeot 106 Rallye 9
Pat RyanCo. LimerickJack DaltonCo. LimerickFord Escort Mk2 9
Stephen McCannCo. CavanKaine TreanorCo. MonaghanFord Fiesta S2000 5
Brian O'KeeffeCo. WaterfordSean HaydeCo. CorkMitsubishi Evo 9 4
Daniel CroninCo. CorkShane BuckleyCo. KerryMitsubishi Evo 10 4
Shane MaguireCo. MonaghanDonal BalfeLimerickMitsubishi Evo 9 4
Nick BarnettUKMartin BradyCo. GalwayHonda Civic Type R 3
Paul MantonCo. TipperaryAdam CoffeyCo. TipperaryCitroen DS3 R3 3
Ronan DenningCo. MayoKarl EganCo. MayoCitroen C2 R2 2
Desmond RocheCo. LimerickDanial BrownCo. LimerickHonda Civic 1
Garry KellyCo. Cork TBAHonda Civic 1
Ger LyonsCo. LimerickJames LowryHonda Civic Vtec 1
Ger PowerCo. WexfordThe RatCo. WexfordVauxhall Nova 1
Jakes KellyCo. KerrySean MoriartyUKSubaru Impreza N12B 1
Patrick NaughtonCo. LimerickJohn CahillHonda Civic EK4 1

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Kerry Winter Stages Rally 2017
Organised & Promoted by Kerry Motor Club Ltd.

  1. Banna Beach Hotel & Resort Mini Stages Rally is promoted and organised by K.M.C. (hereinafter called the promoters), and will cover a route of  No more than 90 stage kms.
  2. These Regulations have been submitted to and approved by Motorsport Ireland and the necessary permit for the holding of the Competition has been granted. MI PERMIT NUMBER: 17/174
  3. The event is a qualifying round of the Top Part West Coast rally championship

Article 1

The Competition will be held under the International Sporting Code of the F.I.A. and the General Competition Rules of Motorsport Ireland and these supplementary regulations including Appendixes 25, 29 & 29.1 (Standard Regulations for all Stage Rallies) of the Current Year Book All Competitors who forward completed Entry Forms agree to be bound by the rules.

Article 2 

  1. The Supplementary Regulations for the Rally are stated by the Motorsport Ireland Regulations and Definitions 2017 year Book. Copies of the book can be obtained from Motorsport Ireland, 34 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
  2. Final Instructions will form an integral part of the Supplementary Regulations.

Article 3

  1. Entries open on publication of the Supplementary Regulations.
  2. All entries must be made on the official entry form, and posted with entry fee to:

Michelle Walsh

26 Casement View,
Co. Kerry.

Mobile: 0873165286 (Calls after 6.30pm only.)

Email : michellewalsh2012@hotmail.com


The Entry Fee for the event is €411 plus €188 Insurance Levy which includes Personal Accident Insurance and Standard IRDS/BRDS Insurance. Cheques may only be post-dated to 1st of November 2017. Cheques should be made payable to Kerry Motor Club.


  1. The Club reserves the right to refuse an entry without assigning a reason.
  2. All withdrawal of Entries must be by 10th November 2017

The Promoters reserve the right to postpone, cancel, or abandon the event or any part thereof.

Article 4 

There will be Secure Parc Ferme in operation on Saturday 11th  of November  2017 located in Banna. As cars pass mechanical scrutiny they will automatically be sent into Parc Ferme. A starters list will be derived from cars presented at Parc Ferme.

Article 5 

The official Notice Board will be situated in the Rally Office will be in operation from 09:00 hrs on Sat 11th November 2017 until 30 minutes after the event prize giving. Prior to the event www.kerrymotorclub.com and www.rally.ie will be updated with information on the rally.


Pace notes will be allowed on the event and competitors will be allowed to make notes on Saturday, November 11th, 2017 between 09:30hrs and 16:00hrs.


Competitors must sign on at rally headquarters between 9:00 hrs and 12:30 hrs.


Pace notes will be available for sale by Third Parties. The club has no involvement in their preparation and accepts no responsibility or liability for their accuracy or otherwise.


You will be supplied with reconnaissance identification stickers, which must be placed on the front windscreen when you are commencing your recce/pace note making, where it is clearly visible. “Judges of Fact” will patrol the Stages.


Speeding and dangerous driving will be reported to event officials. Respect for residents is essential for the safe running of this event.


Your attention is drawn to Appendix “29”, Regulation 4.6.1 &; 4.6.2 The decision of a “Judge of Fact” will be final. Judges of Fact may ask to sign your Road Book. A list of “Judges of Fact” will be posted on the Official Rally Notice Board.


Your attention is also drawn to appendix “29”, Regulation 4.8.1 to 4.8.4  referring to a competitor found on a Stage outside of the “Recce” period, also refer to 4.9 – 4.10. Reports of breaches of this regulation will be submitted to Motorsport Ireland who may convene a Tribunal of inquiry. Cameras may be in position before the event.


The maximum speed allowed on a Stage during recce is 60 k.p.h. unless a lower limit is indicated by a traffic sign or a written instruction issued by the Organisers. Traversing the Stage in the wrong direction is expressly forbidden and carries a 5-minute penalty. If you are not sure of being clear of any stage by 16:00 you should not start the Stage. The number of runs or part thereof you will be allowed over the Stages is 3 (three) – Penalty for exceeding 3 runs is EXCLUSION.


Entries are confined to 131. In the event of more than 131 entries being received priority will be given as follows:

  1. As per Appendix “29” Article 2.6, Motorsport Ireland 2017 Year Book.

Article 8 – SERVICE 

There will be a designated Service Area. Outside of this Service Area, support/Service is expressly FORBIDDEN and will be monitored by Judges of Fact. The penalty for Service/Support in a forbidden area is EXCLUSION. In an area where service is not permitted the presence of or parking of a support/service vehicle and/or the setting up of equipment will be deemed to be servicing.

Article 10 – Rally 2 (Restart after Retirement) 

10.1 General 


10.1.1 The rally will operate Rally 2 in accordance with Art 13, Appendix 29 of the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook (as published on MI Website)


10.1.2 A crew retiring from the rally between Parc Ferme Out and Arrival Control SS2, may restart the rally from Service Out Control after 2 stages, or Service Out Control after 4 stages. Cars retiring from the rally on Special Stages 2 or 3, or the following road sections, may only restart from Service Out Control after 4 stages.


No restart will be permitted for crews retiring on Special Stages 4, 5, or 6.


A restart will not be permitted where a crew has been excluded for non-compliance with eligibility requirements, traffic violations or a decision of the COC/R2C (Rally 2 Co-ordinator).


On retirement, the crew must hand in their time cards to Car Accountability or the marshal/timekeeper at the next available location/Time Control.


Crews must retain the duplicate copy of the time card, to present to R2C as proof of stages completed.



10.1.3 Competitors must register for Rally 2 if they wish to restart by contacting the R2C prior to a time that will be specified in Final Instructions.


Service Vehicles will not be permitted to access the Stage or any closed road between runs.


The organisers will, where possible, endeavour to remove any car to the nearest location where it can exit the stage.


The transport of the car from that location is the responsibility of the competitor. The car must return by direct route to the Service Area.



10.1.4 Competitors availing of Rally 2 must present themselves at the appropriate Out  Control, with their car, for re-scrutiny. Due time is 10 minutes before their original due time at that Control, and 15 Minutes maximum lateness will apply.



10.1.5 The R2C, once satisfied that the crew meets the conditions for a restart, will issue new time cards which will have a restart time and restart Control Number.

The restart position within the field shall be at the discretion of the COC/R2C.



10.1.6 The organisers reserve the right to disallow restart on safety grounds or if the restart would interfere with the running of the rally.



10.2 Penalties: 


10.2.1 Penalties will be applied as per Article 13.5, Appendix 29 of the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook (as published on MI Website)



10.3  Award Eligibility: 


10.3.1 In order to be classified as a finisher the crew must complete a minimum of 3 special stages, which must include the final loop of stages and the finish control.


10.3.2 Crews completing the rally under Rally 2 regulations will be eligible to score points in Championships.



Clerk of the Course Jonathon O’Shea
Deputy Clerk of the Course Martin Farrell
Motorsport Ireland Steward Micheal Boland & Kieran Ambrose
Motorsport Ireland Safety Officer Ger Healy
Club Steward James O Brien
Club Safety Officer Senan Raggett
Secretary of the Event Stephen O’Connell
Entries Secretary Michelle Walsh
Chief Medical Officer Paul Rae
Chief Marshall Ollie Lynch
Chief Scrutineer Paudie Griffin
Chief Timekeeper Eamon McGee
Radio Controller Kevin Flannery
Press Officer Sean Moriarty
Results Officer Angus Sealy
Service Area Manager Brendan Farmer
Competitor Liaison Officer Pat Shiel
Car Accountability John Flynn
Stage Commander SS1 Anthony O’Connor
Stage Commander SS2  Cathal Mansell
Chief Rescue Officer Martin Byrne
Rally 2 Co-Ordinator (R2C) Dermot O’Gorman
Emergency Services Liaison Officer Jason Brick


The Rally will include the following Classes:

Class 1  Group N up to 1600 cc (Previously N1 &  N2); R1 (atmospheric up to 1600 cc – VR1A/VR1B and turbo up to 1067 cc – VR1A/VR1B)
Class 2  Group A up to 1600 cc (Previously A5 &  A6); R2 (atmospheric over 1390 to 1600 cc – VR2B and turbo over 927 to 1067 cc – VR2B); Kit cars up to 1600 cc; Group N 1601 to 2000 cc (Previously N3)
Class 3  Group A 1601 to 2000 cc (Previously A7); R2 (atmospheric over 1600 to 2000cc – VR2C and turbo over 1067 to 1333cc – VR2C); R3 (atmospheric over 1600 to 2000 cc – VR3C and turbo over 1067 to 1333cc –VR3C); R3 (Turbo up to 1620 cc nominal – VR3T); R3 (Diesel up to 2000 cc nominal – VR3D); Super 1600 cars
Class 4  Group N over 2000 cc (N4 FIA Appendix J 254)
Class 5  Group R4 (Appendix J 260); S2000 Rally (2.0 Atmospheric)
Class 6  All cars homologated in FIA R-GT
Class 7  Group A over 2000 cc (Previously A8) (EXCLUDING WRC (1.6T); WRC (2.0T); S2000 Rally 1.6T 28 mm Restrictor (also known as Regional Rally Car – RRC))
Class 9  Modified cars up to 1450 cc, 2 wheel drive
Class 10  Modified cars 1451 to 1650 cc, not more than 2 valves per cylinder, 2 wheel drive
Class 11F  Modified FWD cars 1451 to 1650 cc, more than 2 valves per cylinder
Class 11R  Modified RWD cars 1451 to 1650 cc, more than 2 valves per cylinder
Class 12  Modified cars 1651 to 2100 cc, not more than 2 valves per cylinder, 2 wheel drive
Class 13  Modified cars 1651 to 2100 cc, more than 2 valves per cylinder, 2 wheel drive
Class 14  Modified cars 2101 to 3500 cc, 2 wheel drive. (Max 2 valves per cylinder over 3000cc)
Class 15  Four-wheel drive cars whose homologation has expired. See notes 3 & 5
Class 16  Juniors (see Appendix 29.1, Article 21)
Class 17 Historics up to 1600 cc (see Appendix 29.1, Article 18.2)
Class 18  Historics over 1600 cc (see Appendix 29.1, Article 18.2)
Class 19  Historics – FIA Appendix K
Class 20  Modified 4 Wheel Drive Cars (4WD) See note 16 on classes


For further details on requirements for cars in classes 1 – 7 refer to www.fia.com Appendix J articles 252 – 261 (Article 260 refers to cars in Group R)  Note: Please consult “Notes on Classes”, Appendix 29, 2017 Yearbook- Standard regs for all Stage Rallies.


On publication of these regs Entries Open:


Wednesday 1st Nov – 2017 Entries close
Wednesday 8th Nov – 2017 Final Instructions Posted
Saturday 11th Nov – 2017
        9:00 to 12:30. Register for Recce at Banna Beach Hotel & Resort for competitors
        09:30 to 16:00 Recce for the event.
        14:00 to 18:30 Mechanical Scrutiny — Banna Beach Hotel & Resort
        15:00 to 19:00 Paper Scrutiny – Banna Beach  Hotel & Resort
Sunday 12th Nov – 2017
        08.30 Competitors Safety Briefing (Compulsory for all crews)Rally HQ
        09:00 First Car Away Parc Ferme
        16:00 First Car Finish Rally HQ
        17.30 Provisional Results Rally HQ
        20.30 (Approximately) Prize Giving Rally HQ


1ST, 2ND & 3RD Overall – Two Trophies per crew

Note: The Kerry Motor Club reserves the right to reduce the number of awards for a class or amalgamate classes if insufficient entries are received for any class.



1ST, 2ND & 3RD – Two Trophies per Crew

1ST All ladies Crew – Two Trophies

(Additional awards may be presented.)