Final Instruction No.1

Rose Hotel Circuit of Kerry 2019

Dear Competitor,

Thank you for entering and supporting this Event in 2019.

Your entry has been accepted.

A Full seeded entry list is available on www.kerrymotorclub.com

Competitors wishing to receive a T&D can contact michelle@kerrymotorclub.comfor a copy or apply on the club website, enter details and the T&D will be emailed to you. Not for general publication.

If you intend to withdraw your entry please contact the Entries Secretary Michelle Walsh at michelle@kerrymotorclub.com LATE ENTRIES ARE STILL BEING ACCEPTED



Recce Sign on will take place in the Rose Hotel Tralee on Friday April 5th from 8 to 10pm and on Saturday April 6thfrom 8:30 am to 12 noon all competitors are reminded that they must produce their competition licences and their Name must be on the MI Current list for IRDS /BRDS.  MSA LICENCE HOLDERS ARE REMINDED THEY MUST ALSO APPLY AND BE LISTED ON THIS LIST.


Recce will take place between the hours of 9.15 and 16.30pm on Saturday April 6th each competitor is only allowed 3 passes on each stage as per Appendix 29 Art 4

You are asked to respect the residents when completing your recce on all the stages.

Judges of Fact will be in place. All named officials of the event plus additional persons as nominated by the C.O.C. shall be Judges of Fact.



Re-seed forms will be available at Recce Sign On and must posted in the re-seed box in Rally Office at the Rose Hotel HQ, before 17.30hrs on Saturday 6th of April.


Trailer Park.

Trailer park is located next to the Service area at the Rose Hotel, Dan Spring Rd, Tralee.

Please follow the directions of marshals to unloading area.


Mechanical Scrutiny:

Mechanical Scrutiny will take place on Saturday April 6th in Kingdom Crash Repair Centre Monavalley Ind Estate Monavalley, Tralee from 14.00pm to 19.30pm

On completion of Mechanical Scrutiny all Competition cars must proceed to Parc Ferme which is located within the Rose Hotel Complex.


Paper Scrutiny:

Paper Scrutiny will be held in the Rose Hotel Tralee from 15.00pm to 20.00 pm on Saturday April 6th. All crews are asked to have all paperwork completed by 20.00pm


Service Area.

The Service Area is Located on the Grounds of the Rose Hotel, Dan Spring Rd (N86) Tralee Service area manager is Brendan Farmer 087 2779655

Ground Sheets must be provided by all teams in the service area.

Waste must be disposed of in a safe manner, Waste Skips and plastic bags will be provided.


New Service area requirements as per MI Safety Commission Bulletin.


The Service Area is a NO SMOKING AREAfor the duration of the event. Motorsport Ireland has issued new requirements in relation to rally service areas.


Service Barges to be equipped with the following:

1 X 6kg ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher (for each car serviced) o 1 X 6 Litre AFFFF(Foam)Fire Extinguisher (for each car serviced) ·Extinguishers must be placed in a visible area, and have ease of access too ·Fire Extinguisher Board to be in place over the extinguishers ·Hot work is only undertaken by competent persons ·Service area manager undertakes checks on no smoking policy, signage and extinguishers.


Drivers Briefing.

Sunday April 7th Drivers Briefing will take place in the Rose Hotel at 7:30 am sharp all competitors are requested to attend

First car will exit Parc Ferme in the grounds of the Hotel (100m from the front door of the hotel) at 08:30 with a 20min service before heading to SS1


SOS Boards:

OK / SOS board – this must now be a red background with white text for SOS side and green background with white text for OK side.


Change of Officials from previously Listed:


MI Steward 1: Alan Verso;

CLO: Dermot O’Gorman 086 256 4194;

ESLO: Majella Forde;

Sweeper Car: John Hillard;

Press Officer: Padraig Hartnett.


Kingdom of Kerry Rally Championship:

The 2019 Circuit of Kerry Rally is the first round of the Kingdom of Kerry Rally Championship for this calendar year.  Permit No.: P013/2019

For further details regarding this championship please contact Sean Moriarty 0044 790 830689.

Eligible competitors can sign up for this event at Rally Office, Saturday April 7th from 08.30 to 20.00.


We look forward to welcoming you to Tralee this weekend.


Kind Regards


Eoin Duffin,

Clerk of the Course for and on behalf of Kerry Motor Club