Supplementary Regulations

The Circuit of Kerry Stages Rally is promoted by Tralee Auto Sports Ltd T/A Kerry Motor Club and will be held on the 07th of April 2019.
The competition will be held under the International Sporting Code of the FIA, the General Competition Rules of Motorsport Ireland including Appendix 25, Appendix 26, Appendix 27, Appendix 28, Appendix 29 and Appendix 29.1 of the current Motorsport Ireland Yearbook and these Supplementary Regulations.
Amendments to these Supplementary Regulations will be issued by numbered Final Instructions. All competitors who submit completed entry forms agree to be bound by these regulations.


The Circuit of Kerry Stages Rally is promoted by Kerry Motor Club.
These regulations have been submitted to and approved by Motorsport Ireland who has issued Permit No: 19/ 034 for the holding of the competition.

Championships for which the rally counts: Round 2 of the 2019 Top Part West Coast Rally Championship.

2.2 Officials

The Circuit of Kerry Stages Rally is promoted by Kerry Motor Club.
These regulations have been submitted to and approved by Motorsport Ireland who has issued Permit No: 19/ 034 for the holding of the competition.

Championships for which the rally counts: Round 2 of the 2019 Top Part West Coast Rally Championship.

Clerk of the Course: Eoin Duffin. eoin@kerrymotorclub.com
Deputy C.o.C Sean Hegarty
MI Stewards: Gary Leonard/Paul Casey
MI Safety Officer: Kevin O’Riordan
Club Safety Officer: Senan Raggett
Club Steward: James O’Brien
Event Secretary: Christina Fealy christina@kerrymotorclub.om
Entries Secretary: Michelle Walsh. michelle@kerrymotorclub.com
Chief Medical Officer: Dr Derek O’Brien
Chief Marshall: Marie O’Donoghue
Chief Scrutineer: Niall Mullane
Radio Controller: Mary Fitzgerald
Press Officer: Sean Moriarty
Results Provider Angus Sealy
Competitor Liaison Officer: Diarmuid Falvey
Car Accountability: John Flynn
Sweeper Car Paul Aherne
Equipment Officer: Brendan Shanahan
Chief Rescue Officer: Jason Brick
Road Closed: Brian O’ Connor
Chief Time Keeper: Eamon McGee
Service Area Manager Brendan Farmer
Rally 2 Co-Ordinator Fionn Foley
Stage Commanders SS 1, 4 & 7: Mike Cleary
SS 2,5 & 8:  Declan O’Leary
SS 3, 6 & 9: Ted Murphy
Deputy Stage Commanders TBA

2.3 Rally Headquarters:

The Rose Hotel
Dan Spring Rd,
Tralee, Co. Kerry.

Eircode. V92 HKA4
Tel: +353 (0) 66 7199100
Web: www.therosehotel.com

2.4 Official Notice Board:

The official notice board will be situated in the main foyer of The Rose Hotel and will be in operation from 20.00hrs on Friday 5th April 2019 until 30 minutes after prize giving on Sunday 07th April 2019.

2.5 Judges of Fact:

  • Judges of Fact will patrol the stages during Reconnaissance and patrol the Road Sections and Service Area during the rally.
  • Among the “facts” they will be judging are; Competitor driving, Servicing / Support in forbidden areas.
  • The decision of a Judge of Fact will be final.
  • Judges of Fact may request to sign the competitor’s road book.
  • List of Judges of Fact will be advised in final instructions and will be posted on the official notice board.
Event Date Time Location
Entries open 25thFeb 2019
Entries Close (Including priority) 27thMarch 2019
Seeded Entry List available 30thMarch 2019 Club Website
Final Instructions 02ndApril 2019 Club Website
Reconnaissance Registration 5thApril 2019 20:00 – 22:00 Rally Headquarters
Reconnaissance Registration 6thApril 2019 08:30 – 12:00 Rally Headquarters
Reconnaissance 6thApril 2019 09:00 – 16:30
Mechanical Scrutiny                    6thApril 2019 14:00 – 1930 Kingdom Crash Repairs,

Monavalley Ind Est

Documentation Scrutiny 6thApril 2019 15:30 – 20:30 Rally Headquarters
Ceremonial Start 6thApril 2019 20:00
Competitors Safety Briefing 7thApril 2019 07:30 Rally Headquarters
(Safety briefing COMPULSORY FOR ALL CREWS Appendix 25 Art 3.2)
Rally Start 7th April 2019 08:10
Rally Finish 7th April 2019 17:00 Approx.   
Provisional Results 7th April 2019 18.30
Prize giving 7th April 2019 19:30 Approx

4.1 Information:

Entries may be submitted by all persons holding a valid MI or MSA Competition Licence or Commercial Entrants Licence. All entries must be made on the Official Entry Form, properly completed in all particulars, accompanied by the appropriate fee and forwarded to the Event Secretary. Postal entries only will be accepted. Incomplete or illegible forms will be returned.

The total number of starters will be limited to 131. A reserve list will operate if an excess of 131 entries is received.
Historic entries will be seeded in the main field.
There will be a maximum number of 20 junior entries, who will compete on the first 6 stages and be seeded in the main field, if the maximum number of 131 entries is not received.
Alternatively, if a maximum entry is received or where all junior entries cannot be accommodated in the main field, then junior entries will compete on stages 4 to 9.

Entries to be sent to:

Michelle Walsh
26 Casements View
Co. Kerry

Tel: +353 (0) 87 316 5286
Email: michelle@kerrymotorclub.com

Electronic Bank Transfer is available: Details below:
If you choose to pay by online transfer please use the driver’s and co-driver’s name as
a reference in order to track payments.
Beneficiary details:
Bank: AIB
Branch: Tralee
Sort Code: 93-63-91
IBAN: IE46AIBK93639148407078
A/C Number: 48407078

4.3 Entry Criteria:

Completed entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis. In the event of an excess of 131 entries being received the following criteria will be applied to all entries received from the opening to the closing date of entries.

  1. Top part West coast rally championship Overall awards and 1st & 2nd in Class, Driver’s Championship 2018 (Entries must be received by closing date).
  2. Kingdom of Kerry rally championship, Overall results in 2018 Championship
  3. Kerry motor club members.
  4. 10 entries allocated at the organiser's discretion.


  • In all the above cases “Competitors” refers to drivers only.
  • The driver must state on the entry form under which of the above criteria he / she wishes to be considered.
  • The onus will rest with the competitor to provide documentary proof of results stated.
  • Any false declaration will result in the entry being refused.
  • Qualifying under any of the above criteria does not guarantee an entry.
  • The club reserves the right to refuse an entry without assigning a reason.

4.4 Classes:

Classes are as stated in Motorsport Ireland Yearbook 2019, Appendix 29.1

Where classes have less than 5 starters, the organisers reserve the right to amalgamate classes.

For further details on requirements for cars in classes 1 – 7 refer to www.fia.com Appendix J articles 252 – 261 (Article 260 refers to cars in Group R)

Refer to Appendix 29.1 Classes, Notes on Classes 1 to 21, and Historic Cars Classes 17, 18 and 19,
Refer to Motorsport Ireland Yearbook 2019 for further information on additions, amendments and Class eligibility.

5.1 Information:

Pace notes will be allowed on the event and competitors will be allowed to make pace notes on Saturday 06th April 2019 between 9:00am and 4:30pm. Recce stickers must be displayed on the top corner of the windscreen of the reconnaissance car.

Competitors must sign on before entering the stages at:
Rally HQ. The Rose Hotel, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

Friday 5th April 2019 from 20.00 to 22.00.
Saturday 6th of April 2019 from 08:30 to 12.00.

5.2 Pace note providers:

Pace notes will be available for sale by third parties. The club has no involvement in their preparation and accepts no responsibility or liability for their accuracy or otherwise.

5.3 Restrictions:

  • Your attention is also drawn to Appendix 29, article 4 of the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook referring to a competitor found on a stage outside the reconnaissance period.
  • The maximum Speed allowed on a stage during the reconnaissance is 60 KPH unless a lower limit is indicated by a traffic sign or a written instruction issued by the organiser's
  • Stages are in a resident sensitive area, the future running of these stages depends on competitors obeying the rules on recce day.
  • Traversing the stage in the wrong direction is expressly forbidden.
  • A maximum of three runs per stage are permitted, competitors will be signed in and out of each stage
  • No commercial vans (e.g. Vito/Transit) are allowed to be used as reconnaissance vehicles.
  • The special stages will be open to normal traffic therefore the safety and rights of other road users must be respected, and due care must be shown to other traffic.
  • The organiser's will monitor the behavior of competitors on the reconnaissance route.

5.4 Penalties:

Reports of breaches of above regulations will be submitted to Motorsport Ireland who may convene a tribunal of inquiry.

Administrative checks:

Documentation scrutiny is located at Rally Headquarters, The Rose Hotel, Dan Spring Rd, Tralee, Co. Kerry.
Competition licence I.R.D.S. or BRDS proof of cover and other documentation must be available at documentation scrutiny.


IMPORTANT – all co-drivers in Stage Rallies MUST hold a minimum of Navigator licence.
MI Stage International, Stage National A, Stage National B and Road National B Drivers’ licences ARE VALID for co-drivers.

Because the MSA’s grading system is different to MI’s, MSA Stage International, Stage National A, Stage National B and Stage & Road Navigator ARE ALL VALID for co-drivers.

  • Mechanical Scrutiny will take place on Saturday 6th April 2019 between 14.00 – 19.30 at Kingdom Crash Repairs, Monavalley Ind Estate, Tralee, Co. Kerry.
  • All competitors are required to have door decals on their car and have the first part of the Mechanical Scrutiny sheet completed before they present the car for scrutineering.
  • Logbooks are required for all cars.
  • ALL CARS must be presented at Parc Fermé within 30 minutes of completing Mechanical Scrutineering.
  • Driving of competing cars off the specified route to/from Scrutineering may lead to exclusion.
  • After completing Mechanical scrutiny competitors are required to present themselves at documentation scrutiny. You are allowed 30 minutes to get from Mechanical Scrutiny to Documentation Scrutiny.
  • There will be a designated fixed service area located beside the HQ. (The Rose Hotel)
  • Outside of the service area Support / Service is expressly forbidden (Article 11 of Appendix 29 of current MI Yearbook).
  • Judges of Fact will monitor the route.
  • Ground sheets must be utilised by all crews and any fuel or oil spills must be dealt with promptly. A time penalty of 5 minutes may be added for noncompliance.
  • Waste bins will be provided in the Service Area and all crews are requested to place all rubbish in the bins.
  • Competitors are requested to remove all waste oil from the service area.

Please Note: Servicing will take place in a compacted graveled area where the surface may not be fully sealed in all areas. Please ensure that Service Crews have suitable lifting and supporting equipment and materials to allow them work on uneven ground.

9.1 Competitors Safety Briefing:

Competitors Safety Briefing will be held at 07:30 on Sunday 07th April 2019 in Rally Headquarters. It is compulsory for at least one member of the crew to attend. (Art 3.2 Appendix 25 of Motorsport Ireland Yearbook)

9.2 Route Information:

The rally will take place over a route of approximately 115 stage Kms and 145 road Kms and will comprise of 9 stages. Format is 3 separate Stage locations with service after stage 3 and 6.

Please remember at all times:

9.3 Rally Guide:

A Rally Guide will be available to download on www.kerrymotorclub.com along with information on the Club’s social media pages.


The rally will operate Rally 2 in accordance with Art 13, Appendix 29 of the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook (as published on MI Website)


A crew retiring from the rally between Parc Ferme Out and Arrival Control SS3, may restart the rally from Service Out Control after 3 stages, or Service Out Control after 6 stages (subject to compliance with 10.3.1 below).

Cars retiring from the rally on Special Stages 3,4 & 5 or the following road sections, may only restart from Service Out Control after 6 stages (subject to compliance with 10.3.1 below).

No restart will be permitted for crews retiring on Special Stages 6,7,8 or 9
A restart will not be permitted where a crew has been excluded for non-compliance with eligibility requirements, traffic violations or a decision of the COC/R2C (Rally 2 Co-Ordinator).

On retirement the crew must hand in their time cards to Car Accountability or the marshal/timekeeper at the next available location/Time Control.

Crews must retain the duplicate copy of the time card, to present to R2C as proof of stages completed.


Competitors must register for Rally 2 if they wish to restart from Service Out Control after 3 stages or from Service Out Control after 6 stages by contacting the R2C prior to a time that will be specified in Final Instructions.

Service Vehicles will not be permitted to access the Stage or any closed road between runs. The organisers will, where possible, endeavour to remove any car to the nearest location where it can exit the stage.

The transport of the car from that location is the responsibility of the competitor. The car must return by direct route to the Service Area.


Competitors availing of Rally 2 must present themselves at Service Out Control after 3 stages or Service Out Control after 6 stages, with their car, for re-scrutiny. Due time is 10 minutes before their original due time at that Control, and 15 Minutes maximum lateness will apply.


The R2C, once satisfied that the crew meets the conditions for a restart, will issue new time cards which will have a restart time and restart Control Number.

The restart position within the field shall be at the discretion of the COC/R2C.


The organisers reserve the right to disallow restart on safety grounds or if the restart would interfere with the running of the rally.

10.2 Penalties


Penalties will be applied as per Article 13.5, Appendix 29 of the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook (as published on MI Website)

10.3 Award Eligibility


In order to be classified as a finisher the crew must complete a minimum of 5 special stages, which must include the final loop of stages and the finish control.


Crews completing the rally under Rally 2 regulations will be eligible to score points in Championships.

Overalls 1st 2nd & 3rd overall – 2 trophies per crew.
Classes 1st 2nd & 3rd 2 trophies per crew.

Other Awards (for those who have not already won an award)

Please note your eligibility on your entry form.
For crews who have not already won an award,
Best Connacht MC 2 trophies
Best Kerry MC 2 Trophies
Best Limerick MC 2 Trophies
Best Galway MC 2 Trophies
Best Birr MC 2 Trophies
Best Clare MC 2 Trophies
Best overseas crew 2 Trophies
Best Ladies Crew.


1st. 2nd & 3rd Kerry Motor Club Crews.

Bio Fuel Award.

Other trophies may be awarded.

N.B. Overall winners are not eligible for class awards. If 5 or more entries are not received in each class, the organisers reserve the right to amalgamate classes or reduce the awards accordingly.