List of Counting Rounds & Rules:

Home (1 Point):

  • P.R Days
  • Circuit of Kerry Stages Rally (1 Day)
  • Kerry Rally Sprint (1 Day)
  • Banna Mini Stages Rally (1 Day)
  • 4x Autosolos
  • Event Set up

Away (2 Points):

  • Killarney Historic Stages Rally (1 Day)
  • Galway International Stages Rally(2 Day)
  • West Cork Stages Rally (2 Day)
  • Rally of the Lakes (2 Day)
  • Circuit of Munster Stages Rally (1 Day)
  • Cork Forestry Stages Rally (1 Day)
  • Imokilly Stages Rally (1 Day)
  • Cork ’20 International Rally (2 Day),
  • Fastnet Stages Rally (1 Day)
  • Representing KMC at meetings outside of Kerry

KMC Marshalling rules 2015:

There will be a €200 charge on the entry fee for the 2015 Banna Mini Stages if a Kerry Motor Club crew member is non compliant with marshalling points for 2015.

  • Each KMC crew member will need to have 6 marshalling points.
  • No marshalling day after the fasnet rally (25/10/15) shall count for points.
  • To achieve points you must marshal and assist on club events (1 point) or neighbouring clubs events (2 points).
  • Attending training courses or representing KMC at meetings outside of Kerry will count as 2 points.

Full Points Table

For any queries or disputes please email Martina Quirke

**Please email Martina Quirke for a copy of the newest marshalling timetable as the link below is currently an older table. It will be updated ASAP**

Marshalling Points 2015.xlsx

Marshalling format for 2015: A €200 charge on the entry fee for KMC Mini Stage rally 2015 if a KMC crew is non compliant with marshalling points for 2015:

- Each KMC crew member will need to have 6 marshalling points.
- No days will count after the fasnet rally (25/10/15) for points.
- To achieve points you must marshal and assist on KMC events (1 point) or neighbouring club events (2 points).
- Attending training courses or representing the club at meetings outside of Co. Kerry counts as 2 points also.

Please see below for KMC members who marshalled for KDMC's Historic Rally in 2014 and all marshalling up to date for 2015. Upcoming events: National meetings, Cork Forestry Rally and our own KMC Rallysprint.
 TotalKillarney HistoricsNational C'Ship MeetingGalway (Sat)Galway (Sun)Circuit of Kerry P.R #1Autosolo Round 1West Cork (Sat)West Cork (Sun)Circuit of Kerry PR #2Stage Set-Up C.O.K (18.04)Marshals for C.O.K (19.04)Rally of the Lakes (Sat)Rally of the Lakes (Sun)EARC MeetingsNational Training DaysCircuit of Munster (31.05)Autosolo Round 2Rallysprint Setup (17.07)Rallysprint (18.07)Cork Forestry (23.08)National Meetings PR 1 Banna (26.09)Autosolo Round 3Cork 20 Sunday (04.10)Autosolo Round 4Fastnet      
Aidan O'Connell11
Alan Quinn312
Alan Walsh721121
Anthony Keating422
Anthony O Carroll321
Barry Lynch11
Billie Lynch11
Brenda Duffin22
Brendan Farmer11
Brian O'Connor61122
Brian Slattery22
Chris Browne22
Chris Campbell422
Cian O Mahony22
Cody Stafford4112
Conor Walsh6222
Daniel Chung51211
Darren Young122221221
David Lucid13211112221
David Murphy62211
David Racs11
Denis Dowling22
Eddie Kennelly22
Emma O'Shea22
Eoin Duffin1921112426
Gary Horan4112
Gene Stack62112
Ger O'Brien6222
Gillian Fitzgearld422
Jakes Kelly312
James Browne22
James Kissane61221
James O'Brien41111
Jason Brick91121121
Jim Chung422
Jim Woulfe321
Jimmy Slattery11
John Gleeson312
John Young511111
Jonathan O'Shea61122
JP O Carroll22
Kenneth Quirke62211
Kevin Enright62112
Kevin Rohan6222
Kevin Walsh52111
KJ Hanrahan11
Leana Murphy211
Liam Diggins62112
Linda Lynch10221221
Martin Quirke102221111
Martina Quirke7212111
Maurice Browne5122
Maurice McElligott1721222221111
Maurice Slattery22
Michael Buckley11
Michael Dennehy312
Michelle Walsh12211221111
Mike Dowling422
Mike Kenny422
Mike Quinn61212
Neilus O Carroll621111
Niall Walsh22
Noreen Walsh81121111
Ollie Lynch142121221111
Pa Lawlor72212
Paddy O'Rourke22
Padraig Foran72122
Pat Barry6222
Patrick Slattery6222
Paudie Casey112212112
Paul Dineen23221221222111112
Paul Horan721112
Philip Darcy11
PJ O Dowd7211111
Ray Stack11
Richard O'Connor211
Richard Talbot272221218
Ryan Lynch11
Sean Campbell22
Sean Hegarty9222111
Sean Kelliher422
Sean Walsh1421221222
Senan Raggett11
Stephen Buckley312
Stephen O Connell62211
Tim Enright321
Timmy Diggins62112
Tom Barrett721121
Tommy O Sullivan62112
Tony Healy422
Travis Slattery312
Vincent Horan22

Thank you for Marshalling…